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Zurziep Reef, situated on the southwest coast of Gozo near the Wardija cliffs and close to Xlendi bay, is a remarkable diving site, particularly popular for its surreal underwater landscapes. The site is accessible only by boat, with the dive beginning on a shallow plateau at around 6 meters depth. This fascinating reef is known for its clear waters, gentle drop-offs, numerous overhangs, and pass-throughs, making it an intriguing spot for both divers and snorkelers.

The underwater topography of Zurziep Reef is characterized by a series of gullies forming a shallow channel running between the reef and the cliff face. There’s also a south-facing cavern nearby, adding to the site’s allure. Divers can explore the vertical walls next to the coast, which are filled with small caves and fissures providing habitat for a diverse array of marine life. This makes Zurziep Reef a great location for underwater photography.

The reef’s depths range from about 20 meters to over 60 meters, offering a few big boulders and small swim-throughs along the descent. The site is suitable for divers of all levels, including beginners, and is particularly enchanting in the afternoon when the sun shines from the west. However, divers should be mindful of the potential for choppy seas and slight currents.

Zurziep Reef’s marine life includes bath sponges, double banded bream, moray eels, soft corals, European parrotfish, ornate or Turkish wrasse, Mediterranean damselfish, dentex, saddled bream, rainbow wrasse, and yellow cluster anemones.

This dive site offers a blend of adventurous exploration and serene beauty, making it an appealing destination for divers visiting Gozo, Malta


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