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Scuba diving trips

For groups of up to 6 divers.

Explore the underwater world around Malta with Buddy Boat

Price from €641

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Free Diving trips

For groups of up to 8 freedivers.

We have developed routes for freedivers

Price from €792

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Private Boat Trips

Skipper and fuel included

Unique private yacht trips with family or friends up to 8 people

Price from €630

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Up to 8 people on board | Skipper and fuel included.

Book Buddy Boat and create your own trip

Price from €650

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Find out more about comfort on Buddy Boat:

Your Buddy Boat

Our scuba diving boat, or as we call it – “Buddy Boat” is a dive boat that offers boat diving in Malta for scuba divers and freedivers or snorkelers.

We’ll be happy to see photographers, biologists, archeologists and marine researchers on board.

About Buddy Boat
Fairey Swordfish

Fairey Swordfish

Fairey Swordfish Few aircraft in the history of military aviation have such a unique history as the Fairey Swordfish. This Royal Navy biplane torpedo bomber, affectionately known as the “Stringbag” (stringbag ww2) by its crews, may not have looked like a formidable war machine, but its impact on the course of the Second World War was colossal. Fairey Swordfish: Armament

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