Hello professional underwater photographers!

We, the Buddy Boat team, are on the lookout for stunning underwater photos to showcase on our website and social media channels. We know how important it is to capture the perfect moment, and we are confident that you have the skills and experience to help us.

We want you to join our trips and take some fantastic shots. We know from experience that underwater photography is a difficult art, so we will pay 70% of the cost of your ticket from our project funds. All you have to do is register on our website and indicate that you are interested in underwater photography. This way, you will receive exclusive discounts and updates about upcoming trips that require photography.

In return, we ask for the right to use our selected photos on our social media and website. Of course, we will give you full credit as the author of the photos in partnership with Buddy Boat.

Join us for an unforgettable adventure and let’s take some stunning underwater photos together!

Before purchasing a ticket please email us with a link to your underwater photography portfolio. We will send you a discount coupon in return.

Here you will find places that need photos.

If you have a desire to go to a particular place to take photos, here you can initiate a discussion about organising a photo tour to the place of your choice.