Safety rules onboard the “Buddy Boat”

Please read the rules before using or paying for services.

Read and follow the following safety rules to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries while on board. We want you and your crew to have a safe and enjoyable time on the board.

RULE #1:

Follow the skipper’s instructions.

Pre-Start Instruction

Before starting a boat ride, the skipper will give a briefing during which he will explain the rules of behavior on board and show you the location of the lifesaving equipment. Make sure you know where the life jackets, first aid kit, fire extinguishers and life raft are located. Follow the skipper’s instructions.

Life jackets

There are 15 life jackets on board for all participants in the outing.

In the event of an emergency or at the request of the skipper, wear a lifejacket immediately.

Responsibility for personal stuff

Participants are personally responsible for the safety of their belongings during the outing.

Throwing garbage

It is forbidden to throw garbage and waste overboard!

All waste must be disposed of on the board.

Behavior on the board

Stabbing and cutting instruments

The use of stabbing and cutting tools is not permitted unless necessary and properly supervised. All tools must be immediately returned to their places after use to prevent accidental injury or damage to the vessel.

Smoking and Fire

No charcoal barbecues, smoking, candles or other open flame items are permitted on the boat.

Alcohol and drugs

Boating under the influence of alcohol, drugs greatly increases the likelihood of accidents, serious accidents and is prohibited by law.

It is strictly forbidden to carry, possess, or use drugs on the boat.

Movement on deck

  • Avoid running and sudden movements on deck to avoid losing your balance.
  • Do not sit with your arms or legs hanging over the sides of the boat.
  • Do not hang overboard while the boat is moving.
  • Do not go over the bow or stay outside the fenced area while the boat is moving.

Children on the board

  • Lifejackets: Always ensure that a child on a boat wears an appropriately sized lifejacket. This is critical for their safety, even if they know how to swim.
  • Supervision: Children should always be closely supervised when they are on a boat. Watch them vigilantly, especially if they are near the water.
  • Limit the child’s movements as much as possible while the boat is moving
  • Monitor your child’s health, avoid overheating and keep them hydrated.

Bathing permit

Bathing is only allowed in designated and safe areas and only with the permission of the skipper. The skipper has the right to prohibit bathing in case of unfavorable weather conditions or for other safety reasons.

Life jackets

It is recommended that life jackets are used when swimming, especially for those who are unsure of their abilities or who cannot swim well.

Jumping into the water

Jumping into the water from the side of the boat is only allowed in safe places and with the permission of the skipper. Make sure there are no obstacles underwater before jumping.

Time limit

Bathing time is limited. The skipper will indicate when it is necessary to return on the board.


In the event of an emergency / sudden deterioration of health, notify the skipper immediately, remain calm and follow the skipper’s instructions. In case of fire, man overboard or other emergencies, it is important to act quickly and in an organized manner according to the instructions received.

Notification of a fine for damage to the vessel

It is important to emphasize that safety on board is our priority, not only for the health and well-being of each participant, but also to keep the vessel in good condition. In the event of damage to the vessel or its equipment as a result of failure to comply with established safety rules relating to the use of fire, stabbing and cutting objects, and the use of alcohol or drugs, the person (or persons) responsible will be liable to pay for the damage caused.

  • A fine will be established for injuries caused by failure to comply with the rules regarding the use of fire, stabbing and cutting objects in an amount sufficient to covering the full cost of repairing or replacing damaged equipment and the vessel.
  • In the case of willful or extremely reckless behavior resulting in damage under the influence of alcohol or drugs, a fine will be levied, the amount of which will depend on the extent of the damage and include the full cost of repairs, replacement of damaged parts and demurrage.
  • Fines or other penalties may be imposed in accordance with company policy for non-compliance with safe bathing practices, including bathing without permission from the skipper, disregarding instructions about bathing times or jumping off the boat in unauthorized areas.
  • Penalties may be imposed for failure to comply with waste management regulations on board, including compensation for environmental pollution.

By purchasing services from CZDM Ltd I confirm that I have read and understood the above rules and agree to apply them.