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Dive site depth40 meters

Benghisa Reef

Benghisa Reef, located near Malta, is a distinguished dive site known for its remarkable underwater landscape and abundance of marine life. This reef, stretching 1.5 km in a southeasterly direction, is situated about 1 km off Benghisa Point in Birzebbuga on the south coast of Malta. It’s notable for being a boat dive, with the reef starting from a depth of 10 meters and featuring dramatic drop-offs up to 50 meters.

Divers at Benghisa Reef can expect to encounter a variety of sea life, including large schools of fish. The area is characterized by its abundant fish life, both small and large, making it a haven for underwater photographers and nature enthusiasts. The depth varies significantly, providing a range of environments to explore, from shallower areas to deeper zones with more challenging conditions.

However, divers should be cautious as the site is known for occasionally strong currents and is located near the entrance to Marsaxlokk Bay and the busy harbor of Malta Freeport. Due to these factors, it’s recommended that divers bring a DSMB (Delayed Surface Marker Buoy) for safety. The dive site is generally advised for advanced divers due to its depth, exposure to currents, and boat traffic.

Overall, Benghisa Reef offers a dynamic diving experience with its varied topography, abundant marine life, and challenging conditions, making it an exciting destination for experienced divers visiting Malta


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