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Ghar Hasan

Ghar Hasan, located near Malta, is a captivating dive site offering a unique underwater experience. This site is particularly known for its interesting geological formations and diverse marine life. It is accessible only by boat and is considered suitable for advanced divers due to its depth and conditions.

The average depth at Ghar Hasan is around 15 meters, extending to a maximum of 40 meters. This dive site is notable for its fascinating underwater landscape, which includes a variety of structures like ledges, boulders, and rock formations. These formations provide a habitat for a range of marine species, offering divers the opportunity to observe a diverse array of underwater life in their natural environment.

The visibility at Ghar Hasan varies and can range from 10 to 40 meters, with an average visibility of around 25 meters. This clarity allows divers to fully appreciate the beauty and intricacies of the underwater terrain and the marine life it supports. Commonly seen marine species at this site include common octopuses, stingrays, starfish, tunas, sea cucumbers, cuckoo wrasses, Mediterranean damselfishes, dentex, saddled breams, and rainbow wrasses.

Due to its location beneath the high cliffs, the site offers a scenic and immersive diving experience. However, divers should be cautious of the limited and variable currents that can be present in the area.

In summary, Ghar Hasan is a rewarding dive site for those looking for an adventurous dive with the chance to explore interesting geological structures and encounter a variety of marine life.


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