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Calypso Cave

Calypso Cave, often associated with the mythological nymph Calypso from Homer’s Odyssey, is not just a historical and cultural landmark but also a renowned diving site near Gozo, Malta. The cave, positioned in a cliff just off Xaghra, overlooks the stunning Ramla Bay, known for its beautiful red sand.

For divers, the site around Calypso Cave offers a captivating underwater landscape. The diving spot is known for its clear waters and a vibrant marine ecosystem. Divers can expect to see a variety of marine life, including dusky groupers, scorpionfish, amberjacks, moray eels, common octopuses, starfish, tunas, Mediterranean damselfishes, and saddled bream.

The diving site, accessible by boat, is suitable for advanced divers given the depth, which averages around 30 meters and can extend beyond 40 meters. The visibility ranges from 10 to 40 meters, with an average visibility of around 25 meters. The dive is characterized by a combination of sandy and rocky bottoms, providing a diverse environment for marine species.

Due to its cultural significance and the captivating underwater experience it offers, Calypso Cave is a sought-after destination for divers visiting Malta and Gozo. The site’s unique combination of historical allure and natural beauty makes it an unforgettable diving location. ​


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