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Wied ir-Raheb

Wied ir-Raheb is a cool diving spot near Gozo, Malta. It’s a place where the land meets the sea with a big cliff. This place is called “The Sacristan’s Valley.” It’s known for its big rocks under the water, which make the diving interesting.

When you dive here, you move with the water to visit three caves. The first and last caves are pretty because they have colorful sponges and hard corals on their walls and floors. These caves are not too deep, one is 15 meters deep, and the other is 25 meters deep.

The best part of the dive is the second cave, known as the “House Cave.” The entrance looks like a door cut into the cliff, and there’s a round window above it. Inside, there’s a dark space that goes up to the surface, ending in a small area where you can find air. This spot is special and makes the dive memorable.

In short, Wied ir-Raheb is a must-see for divers in Gozo. It offers a mix of adventure with its underwater caves and the calm beauty of the sea. It’s a place that makes diving a real adventure​​​​.


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