Tugboat 10

Tugboat 10

The Tugboat 10 wreck, located near Zonqor Point in Marsaskala, Malta, is a popular dive site that is particularly accessible for beginners due to its shallow depth, reaching a maximum of about 21 meters. This site is part of an artificial reef project, where Tugboat 10, along with its companion wreck St. Michael, were scuttled in 1998 to enhance marine biodiversity and provide an interesting site for divers.

Tugboat 10, measuring 16 meters in length, rests upright on a flat sandy seabed, making it an ideal site for training and underwater photography. The proximity of the wrecks allows divers to explore both sites in a single dive, adding to the appeal. The area around the wrecks has since flourished into a thriving artificial reef, providing habitat for various marine species such as groupers, moray eels, and octopuses.

Despite the wrecks’ relatively simple and open structure, they offer opportunities for penetration diving into the lower decks, adding a bit of challenge and intrigue for more advanced divers. The site’s protection from northwesterly winds makes it a favorable dive location, especially during the summer months when conditions allow for better visibility and calmer waters.

These wrecks not only serve as a haven for marine life but also as an excellent spot for divers to practice navigation skills and enjoy the rich underwater life that has developed over the years since their scuttling.


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