The P33 wreck, located near Zonqor Point in Marsaskala, Malta, is a recently scuttled site that has quickly become a popular destination for divers. The P33, a former patrol boat, was deliberately sunk on July 31, 2021, to create a new underwater attraction. Positioned strategically between the well-known Zonqor Point tugboat wrecks—St. Michael and Number 10—the P33 lies at a recreational depth of 20 meters, making it accessible to a wide range of divers.

The P33 measures 23 meters in length and was built to serve as a patrol vessel. After serving numerous years, it was repurposed as a dive site to enhance the local marine environment and attract divers. Despite its recent scuttling, the wreck is already showing signs of rapid deterioration due to natural forces. However, this does not detract from the dive experience, as the P33 offers a fascinating exploration opportunity.

Divers visiting the P33 can enjoy the proximity of the wreck to the other two tugboats, allowing for multi-wreck dives within a single trip. The site is noted for its vibrant marine life, including moray eels, conger eels, groupers, and octopuses, which have begun to inhabit the structure, adding to the site’s ecological value.

Overall, the P33 adds to the rich diving offerings near Zonqor Point, providing divers with the chance to explore a new wreck alongside established ones, and contributing to the biodiversity of the area. This site is particularly recommended for those interested in wreck diving and observing the early stages of ecological development on artificial reefs.


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