South reef of Delimara point

South reef of Delimara point

The South Reef, located on the south-eastern tip of Malta near Delimara Point, is a fascinating dive site known for its colourful marine life and varied underwater scenery.

The reef starts at a shallow depth of about 9 metres and has a steep slope that descends to about 25 metres. Here divers can explore a beautiful and varied seascape of walls, caves and boulders, as well as plains covered with Poseidonia and other algae. All these places are inhabited by a variety of marine life.

While exploring the site, divers often discover a cave nestled among large boulders. A distinctive feature of this reef is a vertical tunnel that leads back to the top of the reef. The structure of the tunnel provides divers with a thrilling view of the entire reef as they ascend to the surface. This unique underwater feature delivers unforgettable experiences that are rare to find elsewhere.

The area is subject to currents, so diving here is best done in calm weather. Despite its beauty and wealth of underwater experiences, the South Reef is not as frequently visited as other sites in Malta. This makes it a hidden gem for those who do manage to explore its waters, offering a serene dive with plenty of natural beauty and tranquillity.

The depth and conditions of the site make it suitable for experienced divers looking for new landscapes and exciting marine life encounters. This site is, for the reasons mentioned above, a seldom visited site, therefore well preserved.


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