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Zonqor point

Depth: 10-25 meters

Zonqor Point, located on the north side of the entrance to Marsaskala Bay, is a versatile diving site in Malta. This site offers divers the chance to explore shallow reefs, wrecks, and a serene underwater landscape. The maximum depth around Zonqor Point is about 22 meters, making it suitable for beginners and those interested in leisurely reef dives. The area is particularly known for the tugboat wrecks St. Michael and Tug 10, which were scuttled in May 1998 to create an artificial reef for scuba diving​​​​​​.

Divers can enjoy the reefs on both sides of the peninsula. The site is adorned with rocks and the seabed covered in marine growth, presenting a colorful underwater tableau. The north side reef, known as Zonqor Point North, features large boulders with gullies close to the shore ​​.

Whether you’re training or looking for a relaxing dive, Zonqor Point provides an enriching underwater journey through Malta’s marine beauty and artifacts.


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