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Sanap Cliffs, located at the southwest of Gozo, offers a distinctive diving experience, particularly appealing to advanced divers. This dive site is situated just around the corner to the south of Dawra Tas-Sanap and is known for being sheltered from northwesterly winds.

A notable feature of Sanap Cliffs is a vertical wall that drops to the west from a ledge located at about 8 meters deep, where boats typically anchor. This ledge is an ideal spot for divers to explore at the end of their dive while conducting their safety stop. The site also includes an interesting cavern and a second cave to the east of the ledge, flanked by small reefs on each side.

The underwater environment at Sanap Cliffs is marked by vivid colors from sponges, anemones, and soft corals. Divers are encouraged to bring a torch to fully appreciate these features. The marine life at the site includes amberjacks, Mediterranean cardinalfish, nudibranchs, common octopuses, tunas, discodoris, and yellow cluster anemones.

The depth at Sanap Cliffs varies, with an average starting at around 8 meters and extending to 40 meters or more, allowing for deep diving experiences. Visibility can range from 20 to 50 meters, offering excellent conditions for underwater photography.

Divers have commented on the quality of the wall dive and the opportunity to explore boulders and swim-throughs, making it a site worth visiting at least once


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