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San Dimitri Point, situated on Gozo’s northwest corner near Dwejra and beneath the village Għarb, is a renowned diving site with a shallow plateau at the base of impressive 80-meter high cliffs. The average depth on the reef is about 6 meters, making it ideal for anchoring and beginning or ending a dive. The site is particularly known for its stunning scenery, a shoal of Barracuda, and other fish species.

A unique aspect of this site is its network of underwater caves, which cater to both beginner and advanced cave divers. The site is marked by a boulder-covered face that descends to 30 meters, leading to an area covered in smaller rocks and aggregates. This environment supports a vibrant marine life, including barracudas, dentex, and other pelagic fish species.

For those interested in the marine life, San Dimitri Point offers a rich experience. Divers can see different species of rays and large fish like grouper, in addition to the barracudas. The under-hangs and sides of the boulders are free of algae and host various marine invertebrates. Sponges, sea squirts, worms, and starfish are also commonly found around these boulders.

Despite being suitable for all levels of divers, the site is best dived in calm waters as the surface can become choppy. It’s accessible by boat, and divers can enjoy excellent visibility in the crystal-clear Mediterranean waters. The entry for the dive is typically under the towering 80-foot cliffs near ta’ Gordon Lighthouse.

Overall, San Dimitri Point offers a blend of breathtaking underwater landscapes, diverse marine life, and exciting exploration opportunities, making it a must-visit for diving enthusiasts visiting Gozo.


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