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Hekka Point, also known as Hekka Cave, is a dive site off the coast of Gozo that offers divers a unique and thrilling experience. This site is known for a beautifully colored cavern that is fully open to the surface and about 15 meters deep. Divers can access the site only by boat.

The highlight of the dive at Hekka Point is a massive, completely submerged cavern, which is rich in pristine corals. This cavern is a significant draw for divers, many of whom spend a considerable amount of time exploring its interior. The cavern provides a remarkable opportunity to possibly find seahorses among the corals, adding to the site’s appeal. Moreover, the view from the cavern to the blue of the ocean outside is described as breathtaking.

The depth at Hekka Point varies, with the average being over 15 meters and reaching more than 30 meters in some areas. Due to its depth and the underwater topography, Hekka Point is considered suitable for advanced divers. The dive site’s popularity is relatively low, which means it’s less crowded and offers a more serene diving experience.

Marine life at Hekka Point is abundant and includes creatures such as lobsters, shrimps, soft corals, common octopuses, Mediterranean cardinalfish, dentex, and yellow cluster anemones. The visibility at the site ranges from 10 to 40 meters, with an average visibility of 25 meters, offering clear conditions for underwater exploration.

For those interested in exploring the underwater wonders of Gozo, Hekka Point is definitely a dive site worth visiting. Its combination of a stunning cavern, rich marine life, and breathtaking underwater views make it an unforgettable experience for advanced divers.


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