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Halq Hamiem is a dive site located near Gozo, notable for its underwater cave and unique geological features. The site is characterized by a massive cave above the water with a large shaft in the ceiling that extends to the top of the cliff. The seabed at this site is completely covered with massive boulders, adding to the dramatic underwater landscape.

The cave at Halq Hamiem is relatively shallow and has some interesting features, making it a worthwhile visit, especially when combined with a dive at nearby Hekka Point. The site’s low popularity means it’s less crowded, offering a more serene diving experience. However, the depth range, from over 6 meters to more than 20 meters, indicates that it is suitable for divers of all levels, including beginners.

The marine life at Halq Hamiem includes double banded bream, seahorses, common octopuses, tunas, dentex, and saddled breams, providing divers with an opportunity to observe diverse aquatic species in their natural habitat. The visibility at this site ranges between 10 to 40 meters, with an average visibility of around 25 meters, offering clear conditions for exploring and underwater photography.


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