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The HMS ML 130 wreck, also known as ML 130, HMML 130, or Motor Launch 130, is a technical dive site located near Malta. The wreck is not commonly dived due to its depth, which is approximately 110 meters. This makes it accessible only to highly skilled technical divers. The site is reachable exclusively by boat. Due to the challenging depth and the technical nature of the dive, there is limited information available about the specific features of the wreck or the marine life in the area.

Navy: The Royal Navy

Type: Motor Launch

Class: Fairmile B

Pennant: ML 130

Built by: Frank Curtis Ltd. (Looe, England, U.K.)

Ordered: 8 Jan 1940

Commissioned: 9 Oct 1940

Lost: 7 May 1942

History: Sunk off Malta on 7 May 1942 by gunfire from enemy Motor Torpedo Boats


Dive location: