Bristol Blenheim Bomber


Bristol Blenheim Bomber wreck

The Bristol Blenheim Bomber wreck near Malta is a significant dive site for divers, offering a unique opportunity to explore a piece of World War II history. This light bomber aircraft, built by the Bristol Aeroplane Company and operated by the British Royal Air Force, met its fate during a mission to Kefalonia, Greece. On December 13, 1941, it was attacked by an Italian enemy aircraft, causing damage to its port engine. The pilot had to ditch the plane in the sea near Malta, and fortunately, the crew survived with minor injuries.

Located about 500 meters off Xrobb l-Ghagin on the east coast of Malta, the wreck lies upright on a seabed of sand and small reefs at a depth of 42 meters. It is a challenging dive site due to its depth and the occasional strong currents.
Notable features of the wreck include mostly intact wings and radial engines. The starboard engine still has a bent propeller, while the port engine propeller is missing. The cockpit cover is also absent, and the rear fuselage has broken off, lying a few meters away from the main wreckage, upside down and mostly buried in sand.

The Bristol Blenheim Bomber dive site is best suited for advanced divers. It requires boat access due to its offshore location. Divers should be aware of the challenging conditions and ensure they have the appropriate level of experience and certification for such a dive.

Builder: Bristol Airplane Company.


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