HMS Southwold


HMS Southwold wreck

Depth: 68-73 meters

The HMS Southwold wreck near Malta is a notable dive site with a deep connection to World War II history. This British Hunt-class destroyer was around 85 meters in length and 9.5 meters in width. On March 24, 1942, the HMS Southwold hit a mine and sank approximately 2.5 km off Marsaskala, on the east side of Malta.

The wreck of the HMS Southwold is unique as it lies in two separate parts on a sandy bottom. The larger bow section, about 40 meters in length, is found at a depth of 68 meters lying on its starboard side. The stern section, about 28 meters long, sits upright at a depth of 73 meters. Both sections of the wreck are considered technical dives due to their depth.

Since May 1, 2019, the HMS Southwold has been under the management of Heritage Malta. Diving at this site requires a special permit, emphasizing the historical significance of the wreck. The site is part of Malta’s “Heritage Wrecks”, a category that includes wrecks of particular historical importance.

Divers exploring the HMS Southwold wreck can expect to see impressive features like anti-aircraft gun turrets, depth charges, and remnants of the ship’s armaments. The site is also rich in marine life, with sightings of eagle rays, flying gurnards, and various species of fish. However, divers should be cautious of the unexploded ordnance that may be present in the wreckage.

The HMS Southwold wreck offers a challenging yet rewarding dive experience, combining the thrill of technical diving with the opportunity to explore an important piece of World War II history


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