B-24 Liberator Bomber


B-24 Liberator Bomber wreck

The B-24 Liberator Bomber wreck in Malta is a unique and exciting dive site that draws underwater world fans from everywhere. This wreck is what’s left of an American B-24 Liberator bomber that fell into the sea during World War II. It’s about 55 meters deep and is one of Malta’s historical dive sites. You need permission from Heritage Malta to dive here.

The plane is mostly whole on the sea bottom. This lets divers look at its outside and be amazed by how some parts are still in good shape. Usually, you can see well around the wreck, so divers can see a lot of the plane and the sea life around it.

This dive site is a place to remember and honor those who served and died in the war. For divers who can dive more than 55 meters deep and like history and underwater archaeology, the B-24 Liberator is both thrilling and educational to explore.

Visiting this dive site lets you see a piece of history at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s one of the most unique and memorable dives in Malta.


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