Wied il-Mielah


Wied il-Mielah

Wied il-Mielah, located near the village of L-Gharb on Gozo island, Malta, is a dive site celebrated for its natural beauty and underwater wonders. The site is famous for its massive natural arch, reminiscent of the now-collapsed Azure Window. This arch creates a unique and captivating underwater landscape that extends to a reef, caverns, and tunnels, promising an exceptional diving experience.

The dive site is accessible only by boat, catering to various diving levels from beginners to advanced. With an average depth of 20 meters and extending beyond 50 meters in some areas, Wied il-Mielah offers a diverse range of underwater attractions​​​​​​. The entrance to a large cave beneath the arch is around 16 meters deep, leading divers into an underwater spectacle filled with an array of marine life and geological formations. This cave also features an air pocket, adding an intriguing element to explore​​.

The reef extending from the foot of the arch is about 12 meters deep and 30 meters long, providing a scenic underwater passageway that drops to 18 meters between the reef and the wall. The dive site is home to a variety of marine species, including shoals of barracuda, amberjack, mola mola, common octopus, tuna, Mediterranean cardinalfish, and dentex. Divers can enjoy the vibrant scenery of boulders covered in beautiful sponges, adding color and life to the underwater landscape​​​​.

For those interested in deeper dives, the eastern direction offers a wall that drops to 50 meters and beyond. Another highlight is a picturesque cave located to the west of the valley, offering great scenery and photogenic views. The sea bed slopes down to 18-20 meters with scattered boulders, inviting divers to discover the diverse underwater terrain​​​​.

Wied il-Mielah is not just a dive site; it’s an underwater adventure offering breathtaking natural architecture, abundant marine life, and diverse underwater landscapes. Whether you’re a beginner enjoying the shallower caves or an advanced diver exploring the deeper walls, Wied il-Mielah promises a memorable and rewarding diving experience in the heart of the Mediterranean​​​​​​.


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