Malta south coast diving tour

Um El Faroud is an amazing diving spot near Malta. It’s a big oil tanker, 110 meters long, that had an accident in 1995. It was sunk near the island in 1998 to make an artificial reef. The wreck lies between 18 to 35 meters deep and is perfect for both new and experienced divers to explore.

Going to Um El Faroud by boat has many benefits. First, the boat gives quick and easy access to the wreck, which is important because it’s far from shore. Second, from the boat, divers can find the best place to dive, which helps to explore the wreck well. Diving from a boat is also safer because the boat can help quickly if needed or if there’s a current.

The Um El Faroud wreck attracts lots of sea animals, making a rich ecosystem. Divers can explore both outside and inside of the ship, including cargo areas and crew cabins. The water is usually clear around the wreck, so you can see many parts of the ship and sea life around it. Night dives are special here, lighting up the wreck with divers’ torches and creating a unique atmosphere.

Um El Faroud remains one of the most popular and respected diving sites in Malta, offering unforgettable underwater adventures and exploration.


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