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Ulysses Cave, located northwest of Xlendi Bay in Malta, presents an intriguing diving experience, especially known for its unique freshwater characteristics.  Divers navigate across a slope covered with boulders to reach a small cave, which is notable for its freshwater spring. This feature creates a distinctive layering in the water where salt and freshwater meet, resulting in different temperature layers that can be physically felt.

The entrance of the small cave within Ulysses Cave is just large enough to accommodate two divers simultaneously. Inside the cave, divers can witness beautiful green algae, purple crustose algae, some lionfish, and golden zoanthids.

Ulysses Cave is suitable for divers of all levels and is particularly popular for night diving. The dive site offers a depth range from over 10 meters to 45 meters or more. The unique combination of a freshwater spring within a sea cave, along with the interesting thermal layers and the distinct marine life, makes Ulysses Cave a noteworthy dive site for those exploring Malta’s underwater world


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