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Sikka Il-Bajda, also known as White Reef or Hoofer’s Reef, is a dive site located off the coast of Malta. This site is especially suitable for experienced divers due to its depth and the diving conditions. The average depth of the site is about 20 meters, with a maximum depth extending to 42 meters.

The reef itself is quite large and features a variety of small caves and crevices, along with a significant drop-off that goes down to 70 meters. The reef’s topography includes some areas partially covered with seaweed and others that are bare and less explored. Unfortunately, the reef has been affected by fishing activities, with trawlers causing a reduction in marine life and leaving behind lost nets.

Divers at Sikka Il-Bajda can expect to encounter a range of marine life, including eagle rays, dusky groupers, stingrays, crabs, gobies, amberjacks, tunas, flying gurnards, Mediterranean damselfishes, dentex, and saddled breams. The visibility at this site varies from 10 to 40 meters, with an average visibility of around 25 meters.

The reef lies near a boating route, so divers should be cautious and bring a Surface Marker Buoy (SMB). Surface chop with light current is to be expected in the area. As the reef does not have any facilities, access is only possible via boat.

Despite its challenges, Sikka Il-Bajda remains an intriguing spot for those interested in exploring a large reef with diverse marine life and underwater structures


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