Schnellboot S-31 wreck


Schnellboot S-31 wreck (Also known as: S31, S-31)
Location : Malta, Grand Harbour entrance (35.8900° N 14.5700° E).
As of 1st May 2019 S-31 is managed by Heritage Malta.

General characteristics of the ship:

Fast motor torpedo boat (Schnellboot, S-boot, E-boat).

Length: 33 m. and 5 m. in beam.

Schnellboot S-31 was a German fast motor torpedo boat that’s main function was to lay torpedoes during the second World War. The boat sank on 10th May 1942 when it collided with a possibly self-laid mine. S-31 Schnellboot lies at a depth of 65 metres in an upright position on the sandy seabed and is 33 metres long and has a width of 5 metres. The hull is broken in two, with everything else remaining intact. Its original weaponry, engine room, torpedo tubes, and propellers can all still be found at the wreck. Nineteen years after its discovery, S-31 Schnellboot can now be visited by technical divers with a special permit by Heritage Malta.


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