Italian E-boat wreck


E-boat wreck

The Italian E-boat wreck near Malta offers a unique diving experience, particularly for those interested in World War II naval history. This wreck, located about 1.5 kilometers north from Zonqor Point, lies at a depth of 45 meters. It is believed that the E-boat ran onto one of its own mines while attempting to block the entrance to Valletta’s Grand Harbour.

The wreck, also known as Eboat or E.boat, is surrounded by other wartime wreckage and debris, making it a fascinating area for underwater exploration. Divers can find scattered remains among larger boulders, including parts of the E-boat, a Corsair airplane wing, and other remnants, creating an intriguing underwater puzzle.

Due to its depth and the strong currents that can sometimes be present at the site, diving at the Italian E-boat wreck is recommended for advanced, experienced, and technical divers. The visibility in the area can vary, offering between 10 to 40 meters of clarity, with an average visibility of around 20 meters.

This dive site is accessible only by boat, and due to its historical and technical nature, it provides a unique and sporty dive opportunity for those interested in exploring remnants from World War II beneath the waves


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