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Newwiela Point, located on the southern coast of Gozo, offers a unique and captivating dive experience. This dive site is characterized by a combination of geological features, marine life, and diving conditions that make it particularly interesting for advanced divers.

Key Features of Newwiela Point:

  • Geography and Depth: The site features a shallow plateau at around 6 meters depth, ideal for decompression stops, surrounded by a steep drop-off and wall. The wall descends beyond 60 meters, leading to sandy slopes that plunge even deeper.
  • Marine Life and Environment: The area is adorned with large boulders, small caverns, and archways close to the plateau. These formations are covered with numerous holes, providing hideouts for marine life such as moray eels, lobsters, and octopuses, commonly seen in the vicinity.
  • Diving Experience: Due to its depth and the presence of steep drop-offs, Newwiela Point is best suited for advanced divers. The site offers an exciting exploration of boulders and caverns at deeper levels and a gentler experience near the plateau.
  • Accessibility: The site is accessed by boat, and its location below the high cliffs on the southern side of Gozo adds to the dive’s sense of adventure.

The site is particularly enjoyable as a drift dive, especially when the wind is from the north to northwest.

Newwiela Point stands out as a dive site for its combination of deep drop-offs, rich marine life, and the presence of interesting geological formations. Its suitability for advanced divers and technical divers, especially those interested in exploring deeper walls and boulders, makes it a compelling destination in Gozo.


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