MV King Edwin wreck

The MV King Edwin wreck near Malta is a notable World War II wreck with a rich history and intriguing features for divers. Here’s a compiled description based on the information gathered from reliable sources:

  • History and Background: Originally a British cargo ship built in 1927, the MV King Edwin measured 122 meters in length and about 17 meters in width. During World War II, in April 1943, the ship caught fire while unloading at the Grand Harbour of Valletta and was subsequently scuttled there. After the war, in 1945, the wreck was lifted, towed out of the harbor, and scuttled in deep water.
  • Current Location and Dive Site Characteristics: The wreck now rests at a depth of approximately 112 meters, located around 5 km from Valletta. It lies almost upright, covered with corals, and is a habitat for schools of fish, making it a visually rich dive site.
  • Diving Requirements and Conditions: The MV King Edwin wreck is a technical dive site due to its depth. It requires divers to have technical diving qualifications and experience in deep diving. The site is accessible only by boat. Due to its depth, it is suitable for technical trimix divers and is not frequented often, providing a more secluded experience for those who visit.

The MV King Edwin offers a unique opportunity for technical divers to explore a significant piece of maritime history, with its substantial size, rich marine life, and historical significance. The dive, however, demands advanced skills and preparation due to the depth and potential challenges of deep wreck diving.


Dive location: