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The lighthouse reef

The Lighthouse Reef, also known as Outer Lantern Point, is a dive site near Comino, known for its unique underwater features and suitable for advanced divers. It’s accessible only by boat and is located at the most southwestern part of Comino Island.

Dive Site Characteristics:

Depth: The site has an average depth of about 30 meters and can reach a maximum of 50 meters.

Features: The dive site is characterized by a variety of underwater landscapes, including a plateau at about 6 meters deep, a steep drop-off, and a unique L-shaped vertical tunnel known as “the Chimney.” This tunnel starts at 6 meters and descends to a depth of 16 meters, leading into a cave.

Underwater Life: Divers can expect to see large boulders, caverns, overhangs, and small caves filled with a diverse range of marine life. The reef wall is home to species like dentex, amberjacks, barracudas, bream, groupers, huge moray eels, and octopuses. The smaller nooks and crannies often house damselfish, starfish, shrimps, crabs, and sponges.

Diving Experience:

The site offers varied experiences for both experienced and novice divers. While experienced divers can explore deeper parts, novice divers may prefer staying near the wall and in the shallower areas.

The site’s low popularity indicates a more secluded and intimate diving experience.

Diving Conditions:

Lighthouse Reef presents a diverse and engaging diving experience, combining geological formations with a rich array of marine life. It’s especially appealing for those looking for a more secluded dive site with advanced features.


Dive location: