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Inner Lantern point

Inner Lantern Point in Cominotto, Malta, is a great diving spot known for its amazing underwater scenes and lots of sea life. Divers from all over come here to explore a unique deep vertical cave that goes down over 50 meters, giving a special diving experience.

Diving at Inner Lantern Point means traveling through beautiful underwater tunnels and along walls filled with corals and sea creatures. This area is full of colorful fish, octopuses, and starfish, making it a dream for underwater photographers.

The water here is very clear, which means you can see far and enjoy the bright and lively underwater world. Inner Lantern Point is best for divers who have more experience because of its depth and possible underwater currents.

This diving site is also famous for night dives. When divers use their lights underwater at night, it brings out new and exciting colors of sea life.

Inner Lantern Point is one of the most impressive and thrilling diving sites in Malta, offering unforgettable experiences and unique chances to explore the underwater world.


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