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The dive site known as Il-Qaws, also referred to as Ras il-Qaws, is a unique diving location off the southwestern coast of Malta. This site is particularly known for its intriguing cave and wall formations. Due to its remote location, access to Il-Qaws is only possible by boat, which adds an element of adventure to the diving experience.

The dive site boasts an average depth of around 20 meters, but it can extend beyond 40 meters, making it more suitable for advanced divers. Divers at this site can expect to explore colorful walls and two beautiful caves, offering a visually rich underwater landscape. However, it’s important to note that the site’s popularity among divers is relatively low. This could be an advantage for those seeking a more secluded and personal diving experience.

Despite its lower popularity, Il-Qaws presents a rewarding challenge for divers who are equipped to handle its depths and remote nature. Its unique underwater terrain, characterized by caves and deep walls, promises an exhilarating dive for those who venture there.


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