HMS Stubborn wreck


HMS Stubborn

The HMS Stubborn wreck near Malta is an intriguing dive site, rich in history and offering a unique underwater experience. HMS Stubborn was a 66-meter-long S-Class British submarine launched on November 11, 1942. It played a significant role during World War II, engaging in successful attacks against German and Japanese vessels. However, after striking a depth charge and sustaining severe damage, the submarine was eventually scuttled off Qawra Point on April 30, 1946, to be used as an ASDIC (sonar) target for training purposes.

Today, the HMS Stubborn wreck lies about 3 km northeast of Qawra Point. The submarine rests fairly upright and intact on a sandy bottom at a depth of 56 meters, with the top part at around 50 meters. The wreck is tilted slightly towards its starboard side. Due to its depth, the HMS Stubborn is suitable only for technical or very experienced divers. Its location and the depth make it a challenging dive, offering an opportunity to explore a well-preserved piece of World War II history.

The dive site is known for its clear water and the intact condition of the submarine, including features like torpedo tubes and hatches.

The HMS Stubborn offers a unique chance to explore a historic submarine, providing an insight into naval warfare and technology during the World War II era. It’s a dream dive for history enthusiasts and those interested in naval warfare, but due to the technical nature of the dive, it’s essential that only divers with the appropriate skills and experience undertake this challenging but rewarding dive


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