Filfla Island

Filfla Island, located off the coast of Malta, is a unique and intriguing dive site known for its natural beauty and historical significance. This small island was used as target practice during the Second World War and is now a protected nature reserve. Diving at Filfla is considered a privilege and is only allowed with prior permission from the Ministry of Environment or Sharklab-Malta.

The dive site features a reef with an average depth of around 25 meters, extending to more than 70 meters in some areas. The underwater landscape is characterized by boulders, caves, rocks, and valleys, creating an exciting environment for divers to explore. Due to its historical use as a target range, divers can spot a variety of ammunition remnants, but they are advised not to touch these items.

Marine life around Filfla includes eagle rays, nursehound sharks, stingrays, common octopuses, tunas, small-spotted catsharks, and skates. The site is suitable for advanced divers due to its depth and the potential presence of strong currents.

The island’s location and its status as a nature reserve mean that diving here is a unique experience. The seabed around the island is a mix of sand and rocks, offering divers a chance to see a diverse range of marine life in a relatively untouched environment. The clear waters and the variety of underwater formations make Filfla a memorable dive site for those who get the opportunity to visit​


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