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Fungus Rock, located in Dwejra Bay on the western coast of Gozo, Malta, is a notable diving site renowned for its distinct geological and historical characteristics. Known also as Mushroom Rock, General’s Rock, or Ġebla tal-Ġeneral in Maltese, this massive limestone rock formation rises about 60 meters above sea level and is an islet at the entrance to the circular lagoon of Dwejra Bay.

Historically, Fungus Rock gained its name from a rare fungus that was discovered there by the Knights of St. John. This fungus was used as a remedy against various illnesses and was highly valued, leading to the rock being closely guarded. An early form of a cable car was even built by the Knights for easy access to this ‘treasure of drugs’.

As for diving, Fungus Rock is accessible only by boat and is considered suitable for advanced divers due to its challenging conditions. The dive site features impressive underwater scenery with vertical walls, large boulders, small caverns, swim-throughs, fissures, and gulleys. The depth inside Dwejra Bay ranges between 8-14 meters, while on the open sea side of the rock, the bottom drops steeply to depths over 60 meters. The site is also known for a cave at 14 meters depth that extends far in.

Marine life around Fungus Rock: groupers, tuna, amberjacks, barracudas, sea urchins, tube worms, starfish, bristle worms, and sea potatoes. The walls of the rock are covered in algae and other marine flora, adding to the colorful underwater experience.


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