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Forna Point, also known as Ras il-Forna, is an intriguing dive site located off the coast of Gozo. This site is particularly noted for its impressive underwater topography, featuring steep vertical drop-offs on both sides of the headland. The seabed is littered with massive boulders, creating an intriguing landscape for divers to explore. In addition, there are two caverns off to the east of the point, which are adorned with stunning corals lining the walls, making the site quite spectacular for those interested in underwater photography and exploration.

The depth at Forna Point varies, with an average depth around 5+ meters and extending to over 40 meters in some areas. This variation in depth, along with the site’s unique features, makes it suitable for advanced divers. The site is accessible only by boat, adding to its allure and exclusivity.

Due to its relatively low popularity and the presence of large boulders and caverns, there is a high chance of encountering big marine species. Divers at Forna Point can expect to see a variety of marine life, including dusky grouper or merou, common octopus, tuna, Mediterranean damselfish, Mediterranean cardinalfish, dentex, and saddled bream.

Overall, Forna Point offers a blend of excitement and serenity, making it a must-visit for advanced divers seeking a unique experience in Malta’s waters. The site’s combination of dramatic underwater landscapes and rich marine life ensures a memorable diving adventure


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