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    Dives in this trip:

    • Certification: Advanced
    • Depth: 30 meters
    • Dive type: Cave
    • Certification: Advanced
    • Depth: 25 meters
    • Dive type: Cave
    • Certification: Beginner
    • Depth: 10 meters
    • Dive type: Cave

    Description of a Gozo Caves dive tour:

    Embark on a mesmerizing diving journey to Gozo caves, and explore the ethereal underwater landscapes of Wied ir-Raheb, Wied il-Mielah, and Ulysses Cave. This adventure is not just a dive it’s an exploration of nature’s most secretive domains, each site offering a unique tapestry of geological formations and marine life, promising an unforgettable experience for the adventurous diver.

    Wied il-Mielah

    Located near the village of L-Gharb on Gozo island, Malta, is a dive site celebrated for its natural beauty and underwater wonders. The site is famous for its massive natural arch, reminiscent of the now-collapsed Azure Window. This arch creates a unique and captivating underwater landscape that extends to a reef, caverns, and tunnels, promising an exceptional diving experience.

    The dive site is accessible only by boat, catering to various diving levels from beginners to advanced. With an average depth of 20 meters and extending beyond 50 meters in some areas, Wied il-Mielah offers a diverse range of underwater attractions​​​​​​. The entrance to a large cave beneath the arch is around 16 meters deep, leading divers into an underwater spectacle filled with an array of marine life and geological formations. This cave also features an air pocket, adding an intriguing element to explore​​.

    The reef extending from the foot of the arch is about 12 meters deep and 30 meters long, providing a scenic underwater passageway that drops to 18 meters between the reef and the wall. The dive site is home to a variety of marine species, including shoals of barracuda, amberjack, mola mola, common octopus, tuna, Mediterranean cardinalfish, and dentex. Divers can enjoy the vibrant scenery of boulders covered in beautiful sponges, adding color and life to the underwater landscape​​​​.

    For those interested in deeper dives, the eastern direction offers a wall that drops to 50 meters and beyond. Another highlight is a picturesque cave located to the west of the valley, offering great scenery and photogenic views. The sea bed slopes down to 18-20 meters with scattered boulders, inviting divers to discover the diverse underwater terrain​​​​.

    Wied il-Mielah is not just a dive site; it’s an underwater adventure offering breathtaking natural architecture, abundant marine life, and diverse underwater landscapes. Whether you’re a beginner enjoying the shallower caves or an advanced diver exploring the deeper walls, Wied il-Mielah promises a memorable and rewarding diving experience in the heart of the Mediterranean​​​​​​.

    Wied ir-Raheb

    Wied ir-Raheb is a cool diving spot near Gozo, Malta. It’s a place where the land meets the sea with a big cliff. This place is called “The Sacristan’s Valley.” It’s known for its big rocks under the water, which make the diving interesting.

    When you dive here, you move with the water to visit three caves. The first and last caves are pretty because they have colorful sponges and hard corals on their walls and floors. These caves are not too deep, one is 15 meters deep, and the other is 25 meters deep.

    The best part of the dive is the second cave, known as the “House Cave.” The entrance looks like a door cut into the cliff, and there’s a round window above it. Inside, there’s a dark space that goes up to the surface, ending in a small area where you can find air. This spot is special and makes the dive memorable.

    In short, Wied ir-Raheb is a must-see for divers in Gozo. It offers a mix of adventure with its underwater caves and the calm beauty of the sea. It’s a place that makes diving a real adventure​​​​.

    Ulysses Cave

    located near Xlendi Bay in Gozo, Malta, is an accessible dive site for all levels, including for night diving. This dive begins in a large cavern and leads to a smaller cave with a unique feature: a fresh water spring, creating a layer where cold fresh water and warmer salt water meet. The dive site offers a chance to experience this unusual temperature and salinity mix, with visibility ranging from 20 to 40 meters. The cave’s depth varies from 10 to 45 meters, providing an interesting dive​.

    Malta offers various options suitable for any budget and preferences. Here are key aspects regarding accommodation in Malta:

    • Hotels: From budget-friendly to luxurious options.
    • Apartments and Aparthotels: Provide more independence and convenience for tourists who prefer to cook or need extra space.
    • Boutique Hotels and Guesthouses: Small, often themed or unique, offering a more individual and cozy lodging experience.
    • Hostels: Popular among youth and budget travelers, offering shared rooms and basic amenities.

    These dishes not only delight your taste buds but also introduce you to Malta’s culinary traditions. Dietary catering is also available in Malta directly on the boat.

    1. Fenek (Rabbit Stew):
      • Traditional dish often stewed or baked with wine, garlic, and herbs.
      • Considered Malta’s national dish, known for its tender taste and flavorful sauce.
    2. Pastizzi:
      • Flaky pastries with ricotta or pea filling.
      • Popular Maltese treat, perfect for a light snack.
    3. Aljotta (Fish Soup):
      • Maltese fish soup with various seafood, tomatoes, and aromatic herbs.
      • A Mediterranean dish with a rich flavor.
    4. Timpana (Baked Pasta):
      • Baked pasta with meat sauce, often including layers of eggs and cheese.
      • A hearty and nutritious dish reflecting Italian influence in Maltese cuisine.
    5. Gbejniet Moqli (Fried Maltese Cheese):
      • Fried Maltese cheese often served as a snack.
      • A unique local cheese that pairs well with light wines.
    6. Kapunata (Maltese Ratatouille):
      • Maltese version of ratatouille, including eggplant, peppers, capers, and olives.
      • Ideal as a side dish or light vegetable salad.
    7. Maltese Bread (Ħobża tal-Malti):
      • Crispy outside, soft inside bread, often served with tomato paste, olive oil, and various fillings.
      • Known for its freshness and taste, a staple of Maltese cuisine.


      • Available in all major tourist areas. Prices may be fixed or metered.

    Taxi Booking Apps:

      • Services like Bolt and eCabs are popular and convenient. Taxis are typically available in under 5 minutes on average.

    Car Rental:

      • Ideal for those wanting to explore more remote areas and holding an international driver’s license.
      • Malta drives on the left hand side of the road.

    This briefing covers essential safety aspects and must be observed by all passengers.

    1. Life Jackets:
      • Always wear a life jacket. Ensure you know where they are located. When wearing, make sure it fits well and is fastened.
    2. Onboard Safety:
      • When moving around the boat, hold onto reliable supports. Avoid standing or walking on the edges of the boat.
    3. Captain’s Instructions:
      • Listen carefully to and follow the captain’s instructions on the boat.
    4. Emergency Equipment:
      • Familiarize yourself with the location of lifebuoys, fire extinguishers, and signaling devices.
    5. Precautionary Measures:
      • Do not jump into the water while the boat is moving. Avoid consuming excessive alcohol during the trip, monitor your condition.
    6. Weather Conditions:
      • Be prepared for changes in weather. Follow additional instructions in case of worsening weather conditions.
    7. Emergency Situations:
      • In case of an emergency, remain calm and follow the captain’s instructions.


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    What to bring with you:

    Towel, water, and a personal first aid kit; Order catering from the “Local Cuisine” menu; Order hot drinks for the return trip to the port after diving; For the winter period, bring: Wind and rain-resistant clothing; A hat or headband to protect your head and ears from the wind.

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    The trip is for 6 divers and 2 guests

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