Airplanes and coral gardens dive trip

794.00 full boat
The trip is for 6 divers and 2 guests

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    Dives in this trip:

    • Certification: Advanced
    • Depth: 35 meters
    • Dive type: Wreck
    • Certification: Advanced
    • Depth: 32 meters
    • Dive type: Wreck
    • Certification: Advanced
    • Depth: 15 meters
    • Dive type: Adventure dive

    Description of airplanes and Coral gardens dive trip:

    During the Second World War, especially in 1941, Malta played a crucial role, largely due to its strategic location in the Mediterranean. The island was a pivotal base for Allied forces, and aircrafts were integral to its defense and offensive operations. Aircrafts not only defended the island against bombing raids but also provided cover for convoys attempting to resupply the beleaguered island.

    On this trip, you can touch the history of victories and defeats. Join a fascinating trip of two aircraft in Maltese waters!

    Bristol Beaufighter wreck

    The Bristol Beaufighter wreck near Malta offers a unique diving experience, especially for those interested in World War II history. This aircraft, which served in the Royal Air Force, was a twin-engine, two-seat heavy fighter. On March 17, 1943, shortly after takeoff, it experienced mechanical problems and had to make an emergency landing in the sea. Remarkably, both the pilot and the observer survived the crash.

    The wreck now lies upside down at a depth of around 38 meters on a sandy seabed approximately 900 meters offshore from St. Julian’s Point in Sliema. The undercarriage frames with shredded tires are visible behind the radial engines, and one of the propellers is still attached to the engine.

    Divers can explore the fascinating remnants of this World War II aircraft, including the engines, wheels, and other mechanical parts. Near the main body of the plane, the tail is located about 5 meters away. The site is also excellent for underwater photography, offering the chance to capture the entire plane, including body and wings, in a single frame.

    Airplane Wreck P2V Neptune:

    A Lockheed P2V Neptune aircraft built in the USA as a maritime patrol aircraft and submarine hunter, known in the Royal Air Force as the Neptune MR.1, crashed during a landing at Luqa Airport on 13 January 1956.  After salvaging usable parts, the aircraft was sold for filming and sunk in the late 1950s for underwater scenes in the film The Quiet Enemy, released in 1958.

    The wreck lies about 500 metres off the shore of Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq on Malta’s northeast coast. Divers can explore the remains of the aircraft at a depth of 32 metres, resting on a seabed of sand and meadows of Posidonia sea grass. What remains of the Lockheed P2V Neptune aircraft are mainly parts of the fuselage, wings with engine covers and other wing parts partially buried in the sand nearby.

    The surrounding reef and cultural significance of the wreck make it an interesting dive site worth exploring at least once.

    This wreck was opened to divers in 2015.

    Coral Gardens

    Coral Gardens, located off the seaside promenade of Sliema on Malta’s northeast coast, is a delightful shore dive site known for its scenic underwater topography and marine life. This dive site is characterized by its shallow reef, featuring valleys, canyons, gullies, and interesting rock formations. The presence of swim-through tunnels adds to the allure of the site, making it a fascinating location for exploration and underwater photography.

    With an average depth of around 5 meters and reaching a maximum of about 15 meters, Coral Gardens is accessible and suitable for divers of all levels, including beginners. The relatively shallow waters ensure good visibility, typically ranging from 10 to 30 meters, with an average of about 25 meters. The reef’s diverse marine life includes species such as crabs, amberjacks, lobsters, common octopuses, flying gurnards, Mediterranean damselfishes, painted combers, and discodoris or dotted seaslugs.

    Adjacent to Coral Gardens is Fortizza Reef, also known as Sliema House Reef, which shares similar depths and underwater characteristics. Both sites are popular among divers and snorkelers for their accessible yet diverse underwater environments.

    Dive trip overview:

    Here’s a brief overview of the main stages of the trip and the experiences awaiting participants:

    • Boarding the boat at the agreed berth: Participants are greeted at the berth, where they board a comfortable boat specially equipped for diving.
    • Unpacking and assembling equipment: Divers prepare their gear, checking it for safety and functionality.
    • Sea journey with a view of Malta from the sea: The journey starts with a scenic boat trip, revealing stunning views of the cities of Malta.
    • Briefing on the dive Airplane Wreck Bristol Beaufighter.
    • Up to 45-minute dive: This dive allows participants to enjoy the beauty of the Bristol Beaufighter wreck.
    • Surface interval with tea or coffee.
    • Briefing on the dive Lockheed P2V Neptune: Instructors provide information about the dive and the history of Lockheed P2V Neptune wreck.
    • Up to 45-minute dive: This dive allows participants to explore the Lockheed P2V Neptune wreck.
    • Surface interval with a snack: Participants relax on board, replenishing energy with a light snack.
    • Briefing for the dive at Coral Garden reef: Instructors prepare the group for the dive into the Coral Garden reef.
    • A 45-minute dive: The third dive offers a unique experience of exploring underwater.
    • Return to the boat with discussions of impressions and viewing photos, videos: Upon returning to the boat, participants share their experiences and review photos and videos taken.
    • Packing and stowing equipment: After completing all dives, divers gather and pack their equipment.
    • Disembarking from the boat at the agreed-upon berth: Participants return to the berth, concluding their unforgettable adventure.

    This trip promises to be a memorable experience, combining the beauty of the underwater world, unique historical sites, and thrilling adventures. Overall, Malta Island is a unique place, blending the beauty of untouched nature and rich history.

    Malta offers various options suitable for any budget and preferences. Here are key aspects regarding accommodation in Malta:

    • Hotels: From budget-friendly to luxurious options.
    • Apartments and Aparthotels: Provide more independence and convenience for tourists who prefer to cook or need extra space.
    • Boutique Hotels and Guesthouses: Small, often themed or unique, offering a more individual and cozy lodging experience.
    • Hostels: Popular among youth and budget travelers, offering shared rooms and basic amenities.

    These dishes not only delight your taste buds but also introduce you to Malta’s culinary traditions. Dietary catering is also available in Malta directly on the boat.

    1. Fenek (Rabbit Stew):
      • Traditional dish often stewed or baked with wine, garlic, and herbs.
      • Considered Malta’s national dish, known for its tender taste and flavorful sauce.
    2. Pastizzi:
      • Flaky pastries with ricotta or pea filling.
      • Popular Maltese treat, perfect for a light snack.
    3. Aljotta (Fish Soup):
      • Maltese fish soup with various seafood, tomatoes, and aromatic herbs.
      • A Mediterranean dish with a rich flavor.
    4. Timpana (Baked Pasta):
      • Baked pasta with meat sauce, often including layers of eggs and cheese.
      • A hearty and nutritious dish reflecting Italian influence in Maltese cuisine.
    5. Gbejniet Moqli (Fried Maltese Cheese):
      • Fried Maltese cheese often served as a snack.
      • A unique local cheese that pairs well with light wines.
    6. Kapunata (Maltese Ratatouille):
      • Maltese version of ratatouille, including eggplant, peppers, capers, and olives.
      • Ideal as a side dish or light vegetable salad.
    7. Maltese Bread (Ħobża tal-Malti):
      • Crispy outside, soft inside bread, often served with tomato paste, olive oil, and various fillings.
      • Known for its freshness and taste, a staple of Maltese cuisine.


      • Available in all major tourist areas. Prices may be fixed or metered.

    Taxi Booking Apps:

      • Services like Bolt and eCabs are popular and convenient. Taxis are typically available in under 5 minutes on average.

    Car Rental:

      • Ideal for those wanting to explore more remote areas and holding an international driver’s license.
      • Malta drives on the left hand side of the road.

    This briefing covers essential safety aspects and must be observed by all passengers.

    1. Life Jackets:
      • Always wear a life jacket. Ensure you know where they are located. When wearing, make sure it fits well and is fastened.
    2. Onboard Safety:
      • When moving around the boat, hold onto reliable supports. Avoid standing or walking on the edges of the boat.
    3. Captain’s Instructions:
      • Listen carefully to and follow the captain’s instructions on the boat.
    4. Emergency Equipment:
      • Familiarize yourself with the location of lifebuoys, fire extinguishers, and signaling devices.
    5. Precautionary Measures:
      • Do not jump into the water while the boat is moving. Avoid consuming excessive alcohol during the trip, monitor your condition.
    6. Weather Conditions:
      • Be prepared for changes in weather. Follow additional instructions in case of worsening weather conditions.
    7. Emergency Situations:
      • In case of an emergency, remain calm and follow the captain’s instructions.


    If you need a diving partner, guide, or instructor, we can help you find someone. You can also rent the following equipment from our diving partners:

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    What to bring with you:

    Towel, water, and a personal first aid kit; Order catering from the “Local Cuisine” menu; Order hot drinks for the return trip to the port after diving; For the winter period, bring: Wind and rain-resistant clothing; A hat or headband to protect your head and ears from the wind.

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    The trip is for 6 divers and 2 guests

    794.00 full boat

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