Malta was recently ranked third in Forbes “Europe’s Best Destinations 2024” (as ranked by European Best Destinations (EBD). The ranking was based on the votes of over one million travelers from 172 countries. Malta was recognized for its romantic appeal, family atmosphere and as an ideal destination for a vacation with friends and diving.

Historical overview of tourism in Malta

Malta’s tourism industry has experienced significant fluctuations and growth over the years, with various factors contributing to its changing landscape.

Tourism in Malta began to grow noticeably in the mid-1960s, with the 1970s seeing a spike in tourist arrivals. A decline followed. But the 1980s to mid-1990s saw an upward trend and the number of tourists increased several times over. In August 2023 Malta received 18.3% more tourists than in the previous year 2022, growth resumed after the coronavirus epidemic.

Malta in global rankings

Malta has been noted in various global rankings reflecting its standing in different areas such as democracy, prosperity, security, health and sustainable development.

Freedom House (2023): Malta is considered a “free” country with a score of 89 out of 100, indicating robust political rights and civil liberties.

Economist Intelligence Unit Democracy Index (2022): Malta scores 7.70 out of 10.

Legatum Prosperity Index for 2023: Malta is ranked 28th.

Educational Tourism in Malta

Malta has become a dominant player in the English as a Second Language (ESL) industry due to its status as an official English-speaking country. The combination of a rich cultural and historical heritage, social security and a high standard of living are the main factors that ensure an influx of students to quality English language schools in Malta.

Diving Tourism in Malta

Malta is consistently regarded as one of the best diving destinations in the Mediterranean. Its clear warm waters, marine life and variety of dive sites including ship and plane wrecks, caves and reefs make it a favorite among divers of all levels. Specific world rankings may vary by edition and year, but Malta’s reputation in the diving community is firmly established for exceptional dive experiences.

This data demonstrates Malta’s appeal as a tourist destination due to its historical and cultural attractions, as well as the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and the diversity of diving.

Buddy Boat and diving in Malta.

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