Malta is an astonishing place for daily diving from a boat for scuba divers with a variety of sunken objects in its waters. Many of them come with fascinating histories. Most are remnants of global wars, some are evidence of human folly and negligence, and a few were intentionally submerged to attract underwater park enthusiasts.

Daily diving from the boat

We offer daily dives year-round. Our boat is equipped to ensure comfort in any weather – be it wind, rain, or scorching sun. The only hindrance is significant waves. However, even in such cases, we can navigate around the island and find shelter for safe dives.

Just a glance at the map of sites accessible only by boat confirms their richness. For convenience, we’ve categorized them.

Number of dive sites
Islands / Depths:<20m<30m<50m<200m# of sites per island
Number of sites:66426845221

The “Buddy Boat” is equipped with all the necessary gear and amenities to provide comfortable dives throughout the day and any season. Dives from the boat will unveil a plethora of sites only accessible from the water.

You’ll experience the comfort that entails:
Dive, discuss impressions, dive, have a snack, dive, relax, dive, sleep at the hotel or home, and repeat the next day!

Don’t forget that you’ll see Malta from a sea perspective! It’s an entirely different view – cliffs, caves, bays, and turquoise waters!

Daily diving from the boat

Bring your friends; they can enjoy the views, sunbathe, and take stunning photos against the backdrop of Malta.

In the end, on such a small archipelago, there are so many fascinating diving sites for daily diving from the boat, and the islands themselves are astonishing with their beauty and concentration of cultural heritage.

Daily diving from the boat

But if you’re a first-time in Malta, which route should you choose? How many days should you spend here?

Soon, we will publish a series of articles with tips on choosing a one-day route. By combining these routes, you can easily create the perfect plan for daily dives on weekends or during your vacation.