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Smugglers Cave

Location: Malta, below the cliffs of Rdum L-Ahmar on the north side of Marfa ridge (35.9903° N 14.3747° E).

Diving experience:

Depth: starts from 3 to 25 m.

The bay is home to a variety of marine creatures including bream, chromis, sea urchins and fireworms, giving divers and underwater photographers an exciting glimpse of marine life. Landscape – the seabed here is sandy, decorated with large boulders and vast meadows of Poseidonia. If you dive deeper into the sea, you’ll find even larger boulders covered in algae, adding to the rich underwater landscape of this site.

Cavern and Reef Formation: this dive site features a shallow cave about 3 meters deep at the foot of a cliff with a huge open hall. This is an ideal spot for those who love the combination of the beauty of reef and cave diving.

Access by boat only enhances the sense of discovery. Clear water, calm currents and shallow depths make this site ideal for beginners and experienced divers alike.


The exquisite Smugglers’ Cave and Reef, located beneath the high cliffs of Rdum L-Ahmar on the northern edge of the Marfa Range, is a secluded treasure of Malta. It is a dive site located in a sheltered cove at the foot of the cliffs, accessible only by boat.


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