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The Qala Quarry dive site, located near Gozo, Malta, offers a unique and appealing underwater experience. Situated about one kilometer north of Gozo’s most easterly point, this site is known for its remarkable sunken reef. The reef’s average depth is around 15 meters, providing an accessible diving experience for various skill levels.

The seabed of Qala Quarry is predominantly composed of fine shingle and sand, interspersed with Posidonia seagrass banks. This underwater landscape creates a perfect habitat for an array of smaller marine life. Divers are likely to encounter small reefs, patches of stone, and small boulders that add to the site’s diverse underwater topography.

One of the notable features of this dive site is the presence of huge anchors on the seabed, which adds a historical touch to the diving experience. However, divers should be cautious of currents in the area, especially those sensitive to winds from the northwest to northeast.

The dive site is suitable for all levels of divers, although beginners are advised to dive under supervision. It’s predominantly a boat dive, which adds to the adventure, offering reef diving, exploration, and opportunities for underwater naturalists. The visibility in the water can range from 20 to 40 meters, with an average of around 30 meters, providing excellent conditions for underwater photography.

The depth at the site ranges from 6 meters to a maximum of 35 meters. Divers can expect to see a variety of marine life, including scorpionfish, spider crabs, slipper lobsters, painted combers, and pilot fish.

Overall, Qala Quarry near Gozo presents a captivating dive experience with its unique underwater landscape, historical features, and diverse marine life, suitable for divers of all levels


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