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The HMY Aegusa, also known as HMS Aegusa, is a World War I wreck located near Malta. Originally built as a screw schooner in 1896 and later transformed into a luxury yacht, Aegusa served as a patrol vessel during the war. The vessel struck a mine off the coast of Malta on April 27, 1916. The wreck, approximately 78.5 meters in length, lies at a depth of around 76 meters, making it a site for technical diving. Accessible only by boat, this wreck is not commonly dived due to its challenging depth and location. Nearby are two other World War I wrecks: HMS Nasturtium and HMS Russell, which sank in the same minefield.

Name: HMY Aegusa

Type: Navy yacht

GRT: 1,242 tons

Country: British

Built: 1896

Builder: Scott & Co., Greenock

Operator: Royal Navy

History: Peace-time operator: Sir Thomas Lipton as Erin.


Dive location: