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HMS Russell (Russell)

Location: 6 kilometers east of Fort St. Elmo (35.9036° N 14.6098° E).

About the battleship:

Shipbuilding date: –1901.
Length: 132 m.
Beam: 23 m.

Diving experience:

It is a boat dive for technical trimix divers.

Depth: Approximately 115 meters; however, Heritage Malta lists the maximum depth as 110 meters. Permit Requirements: Diving at the HMS Russell wreck requires a special permit.
Structural Condition: The stern section of the Russell is missing, likely due to the damage caused by the mines.
Armaments: Many of the ship’s guns have fallen to the seabed surrounding the wreck, with some still visible on the sandy bottom.
Overall State: Despite the years underwater, the wreck remains a significant and recognizable structure, offering a poignant glimpse into its historical past.

Historical notes:

HMS Russell was a Duncan-type battleship launched in February 1901. It was named in honor of Admiral Edward Russell, 1st Earl of Orford. The fast and formidable battleship played a significant role during World War I. On April 27, 1916, after encountering German mines laid by the submarine U73, it ended the battle.


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