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HMS Olympus Wreck

Location: Malta,  (35.9260° N 14.5660° E)

About the ship:

Date of construction: 1931.
Length: 86.5 m.
Beam: 6.1 m.

Diving experience:

Depth: starts from 115 to 130 m.
Landscape: HMS Olympus is only accessible to experienced technical divers. However, due to its inaccessibility, the object has retained a recognizable appearance and many technical divers recognize this submarine as the most interesting one observed.

Historical notes:

During World War II, HMS Olympus actively participated in operations in the Mediterranean Sea. It was engaged in patrolling and conducting various operations, including intercepting enemy vessels and gathering intelligence. On the night of May 8, 1942, shortly after leaving the port of Malta in the direction of Gibraltar, HMS Olympus met its fate – the ship was blown up by a German naval mine. This disaster claimed the lives of 89 of the 98 crew members.


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