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HMD Trusty Star wreck

The HMD Trusty Star wreck, located near Malta, is an intriguing World War II dive site with a rich history. Originally a British drifter, the Trusty Star was converted into a minesweeper during the war. On June 10, 1942, while clearing mines laid by German S-boats outside Grand Harbour, the vessel tragically struck a mine and sank approximately 3 km off Fort St. Elmo in Valletta. Fortunately, only one Maltese sailor was injured, with the rest of the crew rescued unharmed.

The wreck lies at a depth of about 90 meters, making it accessible only to technical trimix divers. It rests on a 45-degree angle on its starboard side on the sandy seabed and is approximately 26 meters in length. Despite being submerged for decades, the wreck is quite intact and covered with silt. Due to its depth and historical significance, the site requires a special permit for diving, which is managed by Heritage Malta.

The HMD Trusty Star, with its historical significance and challenging dive conditions, offers a unique opportunity for technical divers to explore a piece of World War II history. It’s a rare experience to witness the remnants of the war and the impact it had on naval operations in the Mediterranean. The site, however, is recommended only for very experienced divers due to its depth and potential hazards


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