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Fessej Rock, also known as Black Rock or Skoll tal-Fessej, is a notable dive site located near Gozo. This prominent geological feature rises about 15 meters above the water level and is situated approximately 350 meters southeast of Il-Kantra. It’s known for its dark and imposing appearance.

The diving experience at Fessej Rock typically involves circumnavigating the rock along a wall, which is dominated by huge boulders and interesting swim-throughs. This offers a unique underwater landscape for divers to explore. The dive site is accessible both by boat and from the shore with DPW. The average depth around the rock is about 30 meters, but it can extend to over 50 meters in certain areas, making it more suitable for advanced divers.

The marine life around Fessej Rock is diverse and includes species such as dusky groupers, barracudas, black squat lobsters, amberjacks, tube worms, lobsters, common octopuses, tunas, dentex, and saddled breams. The visibility in the water averages around 20 meters but can vary between 10 and 30 meters depending on conditions.

The site is not only renowned for its natural beauty and marine biodiversity but also for the interesting rock formations and boulders surrounding the main rock, which create a fascinating underwater topography.


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