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Dawra Tas-Sanap, located in the southwest of Gozo near Malta, is an enchanting dive site known for its diverse underwater landscape that caters to divers of all levels. The site is characterized by a shallow reef area, which includes several caves and a natural arch. These features create a captivating atmosphere, particularly appealing to less experienced divers. The site also presents interesting elements for more experienced divers, especially with its deeper drop-offs, caverns, and massive boulders.

The dive site is situated in the first sheltered inlet to the south of Xlendi, easily accessible by a short boat ride from the bay. Dawra Tas-Sanap is renowned as one of Gozo’s best dive sites for underwater photography, thanks to the clear blue sea and the variety of colorful sponges and coralites found in the shallow arch, on the walls, and in a small cavern.

The dive begins in the northwest corner inside the inlet, where divers start by descending gradually to 15 or 18 meters along a vertical wall. The wall features a corridor between a house-sized boulder and the cliff face, adorned with colorful sponges, anemones, and coralites. Divers then explore a spectacular pass-through beneath the boulder and a beautiful cavern with a large semi-circular entrance, home to vibrant marine life.

Dawra Tas-Sanap offers an average depth of around 15 meters and extends to over 65 meters in some areas. The site’s vertical walls on both sides of the arch plunge down to a sandy bottom. Although sheltered, divers should be aware of the potential surge against the cliff face and cave.

This dive site is an excellent choice for those interested in experiencing a blend of Gozo’s underwater beauty and the challenge of exploring different depths and structures


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