Bristol Beaufighter


The Bristol Beaufighter

The Bristol Beaufighter wreck in Malta offers a unique and fascinating dive experience. This small World War II aircraft, which served in the Royal Air Force, crash-landed approximately 900 meters off the east coast of Malta in 1943 due to mechanical failure. Remarkably, both the pilot and observer survived the crash.

The Bristol Beaufighter lies upside-down on a pristine sandy seabed at a depth of about 37 to 38 meters. When divers descend to the wreck, they can explore the intricate details of this small but intriguing airplane. The aircraft’s pulley systems, engine mechanisms, and even a tire from the plane’s wheel can be seen. The tail of the aircraft is situated about 5 meters away from the main body.

This site is particularly interesting for underwater photographers. The front of the plane offers a perfect spot for wide-angle shots that can capture the entire body and wings of the aircraft in one frame, creating a brilliant photo opportunity.

The dive to the Bristol Beaufighter is recommended for experienced divers due to its depth and the need for precise navigation. Divers should be aware of the sandy environment, which can affect visibility if stirred up. This wreck provides a compelling glimpse into a dramatic moment in World War II history and is a must-visit for divers interested in exploring historic underwater sites.

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