Migra Ferha

Migra Ferha

Deep – 60

Migra Ferha, located on the southwest coast of Malta under the dramatic Dingli Cliffs and the site offers a diverse underwater landscape, characterized by a collection of car wrecks, large boulders, caves, caverns, overhangs, and an archway. The maximum depth of the site goes well beyond 60 meters, providing an exhilarating experience for those who venture here.

One of the notable features of Migra Ferha is the car graveyard, formed from vehicles dropped off the cliffs, which now serves as an artificial reef. This area is found at a depth of about 15 meters, while even more car wrecks can be located in front of a large cave at 32 meters and deeper. On the other side of the reef is a boulder area ranging from 15 to 25 meters in depth, where divers can explore the small caves and caverns along the cliff walls.

The underwater scenery at Migra Ferha is as impressive as the views above the surface, with its steep wall, great cave system with tunnels and caverns, and a mix of warm salty sea water with cold clear fresh water from nearby underwater springs. Divers can encounter a variety of marine life, including bath sponges, common octopuses, parrotfish, Mediterranean cardinalfish, and saddled bream.

Accessing Migra Ferha is a challenge in itself, requiring a descent and ascent of approximately 150 steep steps. This makes the site suitable only for very fit divers. The site is ideally dived by boat, but those choosing to dive from the shore should be prepared for a demanding trek. After the dive, it’s advisable to rest for 20-30 minutes before climbing the steps back up to avoid decompression sickness and to stay hydrated.

Ghar it-Trozz

Deep 30-70

Ghar it-Trozz, located on the eastern coast of Malta, is an advanced-level dive site renowned for its impressive underwater features. This site is particularly known for its fascinating cave and cavities, walls, and rock formations, all adorned with colorful sponges and corals. The striking vertical wall of this dive site rises up to approximately 60 meters high, offering divers an awe-inspiring underwater landscape.

The site’s depth begins at around 30 meters on the northern side of the bay and can drop down to beyond 70 meters. This makes Ghar it-Trozz a destination primarily for advanced divers due to its depth and the challenging nature of its underwater terrain. The steep coastal rocks above the surface form an imposing wall that continues underwater, presenting an extraordinary sight for divers.

Marine life at Ghar it-Trozz includes species such as double-banded bream, common octopuses, slipper lobsters, saddled bream, common dolphinfish, and Mediterranean morays. The site is also well exposed to currents, surges, and swells, and diving conditions can be affected by winds, particularly from the west or northwest.

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