MT Hephaestus


MT Hephaestus

The MT Hephaestus wreck, situated off the coast of Xatt l-Ahmar in Gozo, Malta, presents an intriguing dive site for divers. The ship found its final resting place on the seabed at a depth of 46 meters after running aground off Qawra Point during a heavy storm on February 10, 2018.

The wreck of Hephaestus is noted for its accessibility both from the shore and by boat, with the use of an underwater scooter recommended for shore dives. The site offers a blend of adventurous diving experiences, featuring a significant depth range of 35 – 47 meters.

The dive offers a glimpse into the ship’s structure, where divers can explore the engine room and observe the machinery left undisturbed. The area around the wreck attracts a variety of marine life, including species like barracuda, grouper, moray, octopus, and stingray, enhancing the underwater experience.

The MT Hephaestus wreck adds a unique dimension to Gozo’s diving landscape, offering an exceptional experience for those who seek adventure and are equipped to handle the depth and technical aspects of the dive.

Coral Gardens reef

Coral Gardens, located off the seaside promenade of Sliema on Malta’s northeast coast, is a delightful shore dive site known for its scenic underwater topography and marine life. This dive site is characterized by its shallow reef, featuring valleys, canyons, gullies, and interesting rock formations. The presence of swim-through tunnels adds to the allure of the site, making it a fascinating location for exploration and underwater photography.

With an average depth of around 5 meters and reaching a maximum of about 15 meters, Coral Gardens is accessible and suitable for divers of all levels, including beginners. The relatively shallow waters ensure good visibility, typically ranging from 10 to 30 meters, with an average of about 25 meters. The reef’s diverse marine life includes species such as crabs, amberjacks, lobsters, common octopuses, flying gurnards, Mediterranean damselfishes, painted combers, and discodoris or dotted seaslugs.

Adjacent to Coral Gardens is Fortizza Reef, also known as Sliema House Reef, which shares similar depths and underwater characteristics. Both sites are popular among divers and snorkelers for their accessible yet diverse underwater environments.

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